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Born in Dearborn, Michigan, this two-time Kentucky Derby winner and multiple graded stakes winner discovered Santa Anita and the world of horse racing as a young man when his father brought Doug, Dennis and their late brother Danny to the track shortly after the family moved from the Midwest.  Doug vividly recalls his first trip to Santa Anita as love at first sight.  For Doug it was no flash-in-the-pan romance, as all these years later, Santa Anita remains the home of Team O'Neill.
Doug tries hard to set the tone for the rest of the team with his ever-positive approach.  His past as a hotwalker who worked his way up the ladder gives Doug a perspective that is unique in the world of horse racing.  Doug regards each member of the team as a vital instrument in the orchestra of successes.  With three decades as an independent trainer, Doug never forgets his humble roots, values those around him dearly and still clings to his familiar rallying cry:  Why Not Us?
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